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PromoteAuthor.com is a WordPress hosting and development company from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It has a subsidary in Vienna, Austria.

Authors get promoted with us.

“We strive for excellence and are proud of everything we create.”

Client & Testimonial

  • PromoteAuthor greatly improved my Google author ranking on various sites.

    Keith Weiner – Chairman of the Gold Standard Institute United States
  • The cooperation of a central bank blogger with a PromoteAuthor-powered site like SNBCHF makes absolutely sense.

    Marc Meyer – Famous blogger on the Swiss National Bank
  • Thanks to PromoteAuthor, I have found many investors for my high-yielding fund.

    John Henry Smith – Smart Alpha Fund Manager

Our Products

Promote Author LLC develops different Wordpress plugins. These plugins help to raise the google author rank of authors. We use all these plugins on our sites. In the future authors will be able to use them also on their own sites.
09 adsmanager

AdsManager Light

Do you like paying Google for each click people do on your website? Do you know that Google earns more per click than you earn?
But you know your users, so you know which advertisement they like. So why should you give control to Google? Choose the advertisement yourself!
For you as WordPress admin PromoteAuthor has developed a light-weight plugin. You can configure adverts easily and put them into the most seen and clicked places.

09 adsmanager pro

AdsManager Pro

With AdsManager Pro, PromoteAuthor delivers an AdsManager version for the most professional users. It extends the functionality of AdsManager Light by far.

arhive url aid

Archive URL Aid

Have you ever published an important article and you wonder that people copy it or write similar things?
Or would you like to save an article seen somewhere on the internet, before the author decides to remove them again?

The Archive URL Aid by PromoteAuthor helps you to easily save articles in the archive.org database, before they leave the internet again.

Amazon API Books Loader

This plugin use Amazon Product API to get specified author books and save them as posts into WordPress db.

fallow author

Follow Author Light

Authors want to gain public attention. Social media offers a lot of possibilities. PromoteAuthor offers a unique plugin that shows the author’s picture together with different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. They are all integrated inside light-weight plugin. The author bio at the end of the post is automatically integrated.

fallow author pro

Follow Author Pro

The pro version of our Follow Author plugin offers even more. You as WordPress admin can decide which social channels you need for following. You choose between a big list of social media that even include tech channels like Github and WordPress.org or financial channels like the CFA society and Seeking Alpha. Thanks to follow author snippets you can additional authors inside the post. Or you can more info for people you speak about.

Pictured Categories and Archives

Pictured categories functionality for categories

07 picture

Pictured Category Containers

PromoteAuthor offers a new brand-new plugin that is particularly suitable for web sites with syndicated content from many authors. We give each author the publicity he needs in a “post container” with all his articles. This functionality can also be used for multi-category sites, where you can assign for each category a special picture.

post introduction

Post Introduction

Additional functionality for Syndication Feeds

private category

Private category

Make private category

related posts

Related Posts

Additional functionality for Syndication Feeds

stop words

Remove Stop Words Light

Yoast and Google’ Matt Cutts think that the post name inside a URL should contain 3 to 5 keywords and not more. But why does your site have posts with 10 and more words in the URL? These “stop words” in your URL considerably reduce the Google ranking of your posts. PromoteAuthor has developed a small plugin that automatically removes stop words when you write a new article.

stop words pro

Remove Stop Words Pro

The Pro version of Remove Stop Words is radical. Its universe of stop words is much wider than the one of the Light version. It makes it easy to achieve 3, 4 or 5 words in the post name. Moreover, this new plugin by PromoteAuthor  can override all the URLs in your WordPress database with a nice Stop Words free URL. Certainly it sets 301 redirects for all changed URLs.

share buttons

Share Buttons Light

Social media offers a lot of possibilities to get public attention. PromoteAuthor offers a light-weight solution where you as WordPress admin can easily add and remove the social channels you need on your site.

syndication tools

Syndication Tools

Adds various syndication website tools

21 triger-response

Trigger-Response Plugin

The popup functionality is one of most complicated modules in the site. It allows to do some functionality, an action after a trigger condition has been fulfilled.

10 tweet

Tweet Automatically Light

PromoteAuthor has developed a new plugin that allows to tweet automatically your web site content. So you can promote any article of your site without being forced to lose your time with Twitter and you can focus on new articles.

10 tweet

Tweet Automatically Pro

The Pro version allows for multi-user tweeting for all the authors in your site.

Our Services


Author Google Rank

We’ll analyze your visibility as author from an outsider’s perspective. Your Author Google Rank will be greatly improved.


Author Branding

We’ll collaborate to capture your existing author brand or help to create a new one.


Customized Author Solutions

With our author-centric solutions, you will gain visibility around the world.

Pricing Info


for life
  • Just start creating: get a free site and be on your way to publishing your content in less than five minutes.
  • WordPress.com Subdomain
  • Community Support
  • Hundreds of Free Themes
  • Basic Design Customization
  • 3GB Storage Space


per month, billed yearly
  • Use your own domain and establish your online presence without ads.
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Hundreds of Free Themes
  • Basic Design Customization
  • 3GB Storage Space
  • Remove WordPress.com Ads


per month, billed yearly
  • Go beyond basic with a supercharged WordPress.com website. The same easy-to-use platform, now with more features and more customization.
  • Custom Domain Name n
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Hundreds of Free Themes
  • Advanced Design Customization
  • 13GB Storage Space
  • Remove WordPress.com Ads
  • Monetize your site
  • VideoPress support


per month, billed yearly
  • Your online presence is more than a hobby. Create a high-impact website or blog by choosing the best of WordPress.com.
  • Custom Domain Name n
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Unlimited Premium Themes
  • Advanced Design Customization
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Remove WordPress.com Ads
  • Monetize your site
  • VideoPress support
  • Attend live courses
  • Advanced SEO
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Remove WordPress.com Branding

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