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The idea of CDN is to load heavy content from various servers in the web that are closer to the reader than our original server.

Prices per CDN provider

Write here a table with the prices and the number of POPs based on the Planet CDN comparison. We added recent price data.


Prices for under 30 TB CDN77 MaxCDN KeyCDN CloudFlare CDNify CDN Sun CDNVideo
Price per TB: EU & US $49  $50 (offer)  $40  $20/m for first domain, $5/m for every else $66 40$ 40$
Price per TB: Asia & Australia $125
Price per TB: South America $185
POPs in Europe  11  3 10 21 9 22 22 (mainly CIS)
POPs in North America 6 9 9 14 6 21 2
POPs in Asia (not China)  11  3 2  17 3 3
POPs in Australia  1 1  1  3 5
POPs in China  –  –  1  10
POPs in Middle East  –  –  7 2
POPs in Africa  –  –  – 2
POPs in South America  3  –  1  5 3

1) Normal CDN



MaxCDN price page

If we use normal CDN like MaxCDN, the problem is that our links will be different from normal WP image links. If we don’t have hotlinking protection, all image traffic will be served by the CDN, but it will costs us a lot of money, because we paid on GB.



We can use DNS CDN like CloudFlare. We have to change our dns servers to CloudFlare and setup the CDN. We can choose from FREE and PAID options. The main feature is that all our links will remain, but they will be served to the user by CDN. We can enable or disable hotlinking protection from the CDN, but when all the traffic is served by CloudFlare, it will not be problem to not use hotlinking protection. Any hot linking traffic will be served by CloudFlare.

The advantage is for me that links remain to


Cloudflare Price page

Cloudflare Price page - Click to enlarge




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