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C08 WordPress CDN Integration with CDN Enabler

Page no: C08

Page no: C08

via: keycdn.com

CDN is important part of our sites. It is used to deliver the static content to the user fast using static servers (serves which are designed only for static content). We use KeyCDN as our CDN provider. They are cheap and reliable. The integration is made by plugin called WordPress CDN Enabler, which is created by KeyCDN, too. Below we can see the whole progress for integration the CDN in our WordPress sites.

Reference: keycdn.com

The WordPress CDN Enabler is a lightweight plugin to quickly and easily integrate KeyCDN into your WordPress site. This plugin is highly recommended when you are using managed WordPress providers such as WP engine, KinstaFlyWheel, etc.

The CDN Enabler plugin also runs perfectly with the Cachify plugin.

  1. Create a pull zone in the KeyCDN dashboard.
  2. Install the CDN Enabler plugin (login to your WordPress dashboard: Got to Plugins -> Add new).
  3. Activate the plugin and click on settings.
  4. Enter the CDN URL in the CDN Enabler Settings (you can find the CDN URL in the KeyCDN dashboard):wordpress cdn enabler settingsImportant: The CDN URL needs to start with the protocol http:// or https://.
  5. Save the settings and verify in the HTML code if your assets are loading from the CDN.
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