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C09 KeyCDN issues

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Page no: C09


PageNo: C09


[12:00:31 PM] George: URL but a nice GUI
[12:01:30 PM] George: We have a dependency on KeyCDM
[12:01:47 PM] George: with the pics there
[12:02:26 PM] George: does KeyCDN not capture all traffic to original?
[12:02:34 PM] George: orginal URL of pic?
[12:02:42 PM] George: or do we need TotalCDN for that?
[12:03:20 PM] George: //austrian.economicblogs.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Untitled.jpg
[12:03:35 PM] George: why // ?
[12:03:41 PM] T Niko: what why??
[12:04:06 PM] T Niko: what is the problem here
[12:04:19 PM | Edited 12:04:23 PM] George: 1. when we move away from KeyCDN
[12:04:35 PM] T Niko: we should change the urls, too
[12:04:48 PM] George: Does Total CDN do this job?
[12:04:57 PM] T Niko: I’m talking about menu plugin since 4 months..
[12:05:02 PM] T Niko: now you’re asking me why..
[12:05:05 PM] T Niko: because of that
[12:05:13 PM] George: redirecting from original URL to cached URL
[12:05:22 PM] T Niko: yes
[12:05:42 PM] George: just saw the Custom URL and the pic URL for the first time
[12:05:59 PM] George: then I wondered why it uses “//”
[12:06:01 PM] George: for an URL
[12:06:20 PM] T Niko: // means both http and https
[12:06:22 PM] George: is this syntax of keyCDN?
[12:06:30 PM] George: which plugin is this?
[12:06:36 PM] George: WP?
[12:06:48 PM] T Niko: it is not a syntaxis of keycdn or sth. else
[12:06:57 PM] T Niko: this is just a rule from html
[12:07:08 PM] T Niko: no matter, cdn, cms or anything else
[12:07:14 PM] George: cool
[12:07:43 PM] George: are these URLs on KeyCDN stable?
[12:07:44 PM] George: https://austrian.economicblogs.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/7dccaee433b8f79051312e60d2bcbfdc_400x400.jpeg
[12:07:50 PM] T Niko: yes

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