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C06 Comparison of MaxCDN and KeyCDN

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Page no: C06

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CDN Comparison



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In the tables below you can easily compare MaxCDNand KeyCDN for POP locations, pricing and features & support. We hope this helps you better understand the similarities and differences between these Content Delivery Networks.

POP locations MaxCDN KeyCDN
POPs in North-America 9Help 5Help
POPs in Europe 3Help 4Help
POPs in Asia (not China) 3Help 4Help
POPs in China 0 0
POPs in Australia 1Help 1Help
POPs in South-America 0Help 1Help
POPs in Middle-East 1Help 0
POPs in Africa 0 0

A POP is a Point Of Presence, an access point to the Internet. It is a physical, strategically placed location that houses multiple CDN servers.

Pricing MaxCDN KeyCDN
Price US/EU traffic – low volume $0.10 per GB, at 1 TBper month $0.04 per GB
Price US/EU traffic – high volume $0.08 per GB, at 25 TBper month $0.04 per GB
Extra charge for APAC region traffic No extra charge 0%
Storage 10 Gigabytes is $9.95/mHelp $0.90 per GB/mHelp
Resellers Turbobytes

Note: custom price plans are very common in the CDN market, especially for large volume customers. We recommend you always talk to the CDN provider about your needs and requirements and work with them to get a best-fit deal.

Features & Support MaxCDN KeyCDN
Origin-Pull Yes YesHelp
Push (upload to CDN servers) YesHelp YesHelp
Purge Yes YesHelp
Purge All Yes Yes
Gzip The CDN handles the gzippingHelp Only if origin server does Gzip
Persistent connections Yes Yes
Honors all origin server headers Yes Yes
Can override origin server headers Yes Yes
Set caching headers for pushed files Yes Yes
Custom CNAMEs Yes Yes
HTTPS YesHelp Yes
Control Panel & statistics Yes Yes
Access Logs Yes Yes
API YesHelp Yes
Support YesHelp YesHelp

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