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Da12 Documentation Pages

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Page no: Da12

Page no: T12

It has the following subpages with additional content:



How to write doc sites pages

Nearly all doc page will contain an introduction:

  1. Introduction by George Dorgan or Nick
  2. Some text why the quoted text is important
  3. then follow-author snippet for real author
  4. Then Link to original text (maybe like in Ecoblog)
  5. The text of the original page in quotes

This gives us uniqueness. An example with George introducing a post by Yoast

Menu Numbering


The page explains the important things in our documentation:

For the menu:

  • What is concept, design, plugin?
  • How to number menu items

We have different areas for the documentation. These are

The level of detail from CPT, over Design to Plugin increases
CPT concept is essentially the business plan
Design gives overviews and comparison of solutions
Plugin describes the plugins when a plugin is the design solution


I have done big parts of the renumbering of our pages

Example 1:

  • Concept: CPT06 : Increase visibility of authors
  • Design pages get same number: Des06    (potentially more than one: Then use a letter)
  • Related Plugin pages get same number, potentially with a letter, like in this example.
  1. Plug06a: Follow Author Light
  2. Plug06b: Share Buttons Light
  3. Plug06c: Archive URL aid


Example 2:

CPT03: Multi-Web site capabilities
goes into design:
Des03a: Custom code into plugins,
Des03b: Mobile sites

And Plugins
03a: Plugins on new site
Plugin 3b: Wp Touch Mobile Plugin

Pieces of the pages

Design pages must have a Business Requirements H2 and a Design H2 section and have a reference to a concept page.

Example for design page here:

Page no: Des30

Related concept page: CPT30

Business Requirements


Plugin pages must have a reference to a Design and a Concept page.

Example for plugin page:

PageNo:   ….
Related Design page: …
Related Concept page:


Style requirements

Doc pages have the following requirements for styles. This increases the skimmability, which is the readers’ ability to quickly read an article, to skim it.


  • We use H2 bold with underscore for chapters
  • We use H3 bold without underscore for smaller sections, also combined with images, see below
  • For smaller images use parallel screenshots with text
  • and if there is no Skype text
  • and a featured image exists (only if the page has images)
  • and some important tags are there
  • captions (properly styled) and alt texts on images
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