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Da18 Skimmability and Page Builders

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Business Requirements

In the area of Pictured Category Widgets, we need a possibility to integrate widgets on pages.

The page builder by Site Origin supports any type of wizard inside the page. We shall use it together with our Pictured Category Wizard.

Page Builder Origin with Widget

The following shows how can split our snbchf  home page into different chapters using the Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin.

HomePage 3 parts Editor

Editing snbchf.com homepage with Page Builder by SiteOrigin

The frames in black are still missing, in the picture they are added manually (see below). The SiteOrigin PB perfectly supports the Follow Author snippets.

Home Page in 3 parts with SiteOrigin

Home Page divided in different chapters, frames still missing



Example usage for functionality B:

Usage 1) Using chapters enhances thinking and skimmability.

Usage 2) We can use it easily for quoting a different author and make this quote a “chapter” inside the page.

Usage 3) It makes our “clear” snippet obsolete. We do not need to use any more the awful.” br br clear” sequences in the editor (see example pic). Instead we use a SiteOriginEditor for each of the three chapters.


br and clear in chapters

Potential Disadvantages


1) Too much functionality


There might be too much functionality inside the Page-builder by SiteOrigin like the history, or the live editor (see below).
But when we organize all our page in chapters, then the history might be useful to see the old order of chapters inside a page.

Live Editor SiteOrigin

Live Editor SiteOrigin


2) Code is not beautiful


The code is with too much divs and not necessary classes, which will make our site not good for Google. We have one article. The DIV for google is different block element. This will suffer the good ranking in google. The engine will think that we have different articles or blocks and not one. We should change the code, before we use it in production and remove all divs. We can use only P tags, which will be acceptable for Google. The result will be for us – chapters and good formatting. For Google – No changes in the code.

Bad code for Google

Bad code for Google - Click to enlarge


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