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D13 Steps after Domain Change

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Steps after copied DB

The following steps need to be taken after we copied a DB, for example for a domain change.

  1. Uninstall JetPack and remove all jetpack entries in WP_OPTIONS,
    otherwise the installation will exist twice at WordPress.com and we cannot obtain our stats anymore.Duplicated Posts on WP.com
  2. Disable backup buddy
  3. Make backup site private
    Reading settings: Discourage search engines from indexing this site
  4. Remove cdn
  5. remove twittily
  6. remove links checker
  7. Remove Mailpoet
  8. Rename site to “test site”
  9. install password protection

Duplicate blogs on wordpress.com

We now have two blogs with the same token in wordpress.com

Duplicated Posts on WP.com

Duplicated Posts on WP.com

If test.snbchf.com is not connected to WP, then it will show only one. It still shows the old sites backup.snbchf and swissnationalbank.

Those were connected correctly.

I renamed the snbchf.com to

Blogs on WP

Blogs on WP.com






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