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Google analytics is one of the most powerful google tools. It is used for measuring and analyzing the traffic and visitors in website.

01dashboard best

It has two different methods – we can see what happen in real time and we can analyze the statistics for some period in the past.

Real Time

This is where we monitor user activity as it happens on our site. Data updates continuously and each pageview is reported seconds after it occurs. Real-Time shows

  • the number of people on our site right now,
  • their geographic locations,
  • the keywords and sites that referred them,
  • which pages they’re viewing,
  • conversions as they happen.


Via Real-Time -> Overview we can see all the visitors, which are in the site right now. Which pages are looking, from where the visitors come and how many impressions they made.

1real overview

From Real-Time -> Location we see where the users are from. Which country, which city and we have heat map with all this data. This is very useful for targeting ads or content.

2real locations

Real-Time -> Traffic Sources is the tab with all the information about the source of the traffic. This shows from where the user is come in our site.

3real traffic

Real-Time -> Content is the same information on Overview, but here it contains much more details about our content. This is very useful to monitor which articles are interested to our visitors.

4real content




The Audience reports provide insight into:

Audience -> Overview is for showing all the needed information from the rest pages. Here we can choose the period for viewing the statistic in the past, see the sessions, page views, unique visitors. Which are the users, from where they are and what device they use.

001Audience Overview

Via Audience -> Demographics we can see which are our users, on which age they are, which gender they are and much more.

004Audience demographics overview


005Audience demographics age


006Audience demographics gender


Via Audience -> Interests we can see all the needed information about the interests of our visitors. This is very helpful for advertising. The information is not too accurate because it is based on Google Adsense network.

007Audience interests overview


Via Geo -> Language / Location we can view from where are our visitors and on which language they speak. This is very useful if you plan to make your site multilingual.

008Audience geo language

 009Audience geo location


Behavior -> New vs Returning

0010Audience behavior new returning


Behavior -> Frequency & Recency

0011Audience behavior frequency


Behavior -> Engagement

0012Audience behavior engagement
Technology -> Browser & OS
 0013Audience technology browser

Technology -> Network


0014Audience technology network


Mobile -> Overview

0015Audience mobile overview


Mobile -> Devices

0016Audience mobile devices


Custom -> Custom Variables

0017Audience custom veriables


Custom -> User Defined

0018Audience custom user defined


Benchmarking -> Channels

0019Audience benchmarking channels


Benchmarking -> Location


0020Audience benchmarking location
Benchmarking -> Devices
0021Audience benchmarking devices


Audience -> Users Flow

0022Audience users flow






[to be continued..]


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