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Review Quick Post Management is a nice tool for copying posts or pages, that we use very much.


Name.ly explains:

Quick Post Management adds the following links visible to editors at the top/bottom of every page/post enabling one-click quick shortcuts as:

  • Set as draft
  • Set as private/public
  • Close/open comments
  • Close/open trackbacks
  • Move to trash
  • Force delete
  • Convert into page/post
  • Any number of other custom links

If you an editor or moderator on a big site and you often need quickly set post/page as draft or private, this plugin will come pretty handy. It will save you time, as many actions that did require several clicks and significant loading time will now be done with just one click.

For installation please see the corresponding section. It is as trivial as copying the plugin folder in your WordPress.

To get the flavour of what the plugin actually does, see the screen shots.

Once installed and activated, the plugin back-end will be accessible via a separate menu in the admin panel (WP Admin -> Settings -> QPM / Quick Post Management).

Quick Post Management: Settings

Quick Post Management: Settings

Quick Post Management: Demo

Quick Post Management: Demo

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