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P101 Shutter Reloaded

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Shutter Reloaded

As opposed to Lightbox, Shutter reloaded is good in rendering pictures that are resized.

Still there might be some performance issues when we have to many resized images. Shutter Reloaded is rather the messenger than the original problem. See more in the GT Matrix evaluation.



Shutter Reloaded is an image viewer for your website that works similarly to Lightbox, Thickbox, etc. but is under 10KB in size and does not require any external libraries. It has many features: resizing large images if the window is too small to display them with option to show the full size image, combining images in sets, redrawing the window after resizing, pre-loading of neighbour images for faster display and very good browser compatibility.

This plugin offers customization of the colour and opacity settings for the background and colour for the caption text, buttons text and the menu background.

There are options to enable it for all links pointing to an image on your site (with option to exclude some pages), or just on selected pages. It can be enabled only for image links with CSS class=”shutter” with option to create a single set or multiple sets for each page.

The plugin can also “auto-make” image sets for each Post, so when several posts are displayed on the “Home” page, links to images on each post will be in a separate set. See the built-in help for more information.


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