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Default Clickable: Extend Shutter Reloaded

We need a new function that sets all images over all posts to clickable.


The image is not clickable


Currently we can’t control the default option of WP media. We do not have such options.  Syndication Tools is not a solution, because when we use Media Elevator, we need to execute the syndication tools after every change. We have two options:

Step 1)  Implement into Media Elevator, but it is paid plugin and we will stop receiving their updates. 

Step 2) Or improve the Shutter reload plugin. It is the best solution, because it will work no matter from where we add the video – FeedWp or Media Elevator or normal upload.

It is implemented on IT and it works smoothly. We need some time to test, before implement everywhere.


How it works?

It is working fully automatically. We make it part of Shutter reload plugin and when you install our version, all images inside posts & pages will be clickable.


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