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P13 Amazon Books Loader

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Load Amazon Books is a new plugin that adds all books for one author to the site.

The design has three parts.

  1. The new plugin Author Post Type, that allows for post types Books, Video and Audio. See the DB design  here.
  2. The “pure Amazon loader” that calls the Amazon API. The original specification is here.
  3. A filter on the authors and contributors, that restrict the results of the Amazon search only to the required person. The author filter is here.



Video and Pics

How to change the Amazon default store


We can change the default amazon store only for new books as seen on the screen, but not for books which are already added into our DB.

Amazon settings

Amazon settings

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Amazon UK instead Amazon Com

You need to configure the Amazon books plugin, so that it use the UK store and our UK Associate ID.

How to change the Amazon default store.

As usual, put a screenshot how you do it to the WordPress Pro Page.

Amazon UK instead Amazon Com

(May 17, 2017)


The Books GUI

Front-end integrated in Author pages

The front-end must be fully integrated inside the author pages. Books are one of several tabs of the author pages.

Archive or page of all books for one author.

This one is similar to the old Book GUI, but it is generated automatically based on the “book posts” of one author.

Two options:

  1. Posts Archive
  2. Posts Page (like old Book GUI) or both

Each author has a book page under which the different books are listed, e.g. /worstall/books

Previous Next Buttons

Previous, next buttons for books are for books of the same author and  not – like we do for posts –  for the same category.




Empty first or last name should give exception


If the WordPress user has an empty first or last name, then bring an exception. “Fill both first and last name first!”

empty first or last name

Call to Amazon should fill params into GUI

When I press the “Add Books” Button under users, the params are set in the URL.

The GUI is just for testing. So the “Add Books” should
1) either fill the params in the GUI or
2) not show Amazon GUI but just the results

Preferred is 1), so can adjust the options


This step is skiped. If you click on “add books” the books are automatical added.

call to amazon should fill params into gui

Distinguish Amazon_author and Amazon_contributors


The Amazon API gives two fields:
Amazon_author and Amazon_contributor.
Contributor can be editor, illustrator or translator,…
For contributors we do not get more information which role they fulfill.We should load the field exactly as is.


Contributors on the front-end

In the front-end we should write
Editor/Translator (instead contributor)

Contributor in GUI Amazon Loader

Contributors on the back-end

Amazon Contributors Backend

New fields in user overview


Comment field: We enter the number of books in Amazon.
So we can compare it with our number of booksBio Yes/No: Tells us if the user has a short bio.User URL: Gives view on Author Page (opens in new tab)Add books: Opens the amazon loader (should open in new tab)

new fields in user overview


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