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P02b ELLUSION Plugin

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Page no: P02b

Page no: P02b




This is a plugin, that contains all small code for our needs. It will include many different small tricks or parts of code, which we currently add into the template. It will be easy for us to be at one place and they can be easily moved from site to site.

It will include not only php codes, also html or only css tricks. This will help to make it easily for changing from one template to another.

This page shall document how to use the additional functionality.

The plugin will contain a couple of smaller plugins. See more on the plugins to be be integrated page.


Plugins that could be integrated into E-llusion plugin


Additional functionality moved into E-llusion plugin

Apart from plugins we move the following functionality into the E-llusion plugin.


– Currently we use pingbacks with function in the template. We need to show the pingbacks under the comments of any page or post. Now we can move our pingbacks from site to site.



Change size of text of category

– We use small css hack, which can be added into the plugin, too. It will help us for managing all the categories from one place. If we change the design of the template, we will not need to find where is the code and move into the new css file. It will be everything better organized.


How to do that?


 Header buttons / links

– This is only html code, with which we add important links in header of our site. The core part of this code can be used with different icons and links. It contains configurable area in which we choose how many and what links we want to show.

More details on header images here.


Short codes – clear and float – left / right

– The new feature into version 1.1 is the new three tags. They are

(without the spaces), which is used when you need to clear floating elements. The other tag is
and [  float-left-end  ] – the first part is using before the content, which we want to float in left. The second part is where we want to end the floating. We have the same tag for right floating – [  float-right  ] and [  float-right-end  ]

 need more spec here, screenshots

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