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P05a Follow Author Light

Page no: P05a

Page no: P05a

Business requirements

Authors want to gain public attention. Social media offers a lot of possibilities. Authors may gather followers with different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, the Russian Vkontakte or financial channels like Seeking Alpha and CFA Society.


Step-By-Step Guide

1.Set the Social Channels

Go under User Profile settings and set the different channels for this user.




user settings

2. User Profile settings: Set Author Avatar

A new field is the Author Avatar.
It is the picture that is shown for him/her

The best picture which can be used are squares (the same width and height) and the effect of rounding will be the best

Follow Author Light Avatar

3. Result: The Author box

In the Light version they are fixed:

First row: a button for my article and about me
Second row: 3 different social channels. In the Light Version we foresee three fixed channels: Twitter, Facebook and Google+.




4. CSS Settings


Change Width: The Follow Author block starts with the user avatar to the left and adds a couple of social icons to its right. If too many channels are added, then they might move into the next row.

In order to prevent this, the WP admin can change the width of the Follow author block. He must change the width of the author block to a higher number from the default of 280px. Similarly he may reduce the block in size. In the case

The width change is done inside the file authorpic/styles/ap.css on line 6.

Change Position to left: The whole author block may move to the left side, when the admin changes line2 of the CSS file to float left.

Remember to purge all caches and the CDN after such a change. Therefore it will not take effect immediately.

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