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P07c Pictured Categories Pro

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Page no: P07c

Page No: P07c


This is a rather a design page, but it describe the functionality





The Pictured Categories Pro provides the following functionalities in addition to the pictured categories Free version

  1. We allow to connect an author to a category.


There are three other functionalities in the pictured category area:

  1. Make the home page or better all pages, “widgetable” and a page builder.
  2. Pictured Category Widget
  3. Pictured Category Menu

1. User Settings

The pictured category pro needs either the Follow Author Light plugin or the Follow Author Pro running on the WordPress installation.

With these plugins one can set an author avatar, an image of the author inside the user settings. This avatar is then shown on posts and pages. The Pictured Category by PromoteAuthor plugin shows it additionally on the archives.


2. General Archive Settings


Show Author Bio: Pro Version

Show Bio Text: Pro Version

Show Cat Pic: Light Version

Show Cat Description: Pro Version



Author Archives

The author archives permit to choose if the author’s bio and the author’s avatar are shown on the archives.


Show Author Bio: Light Version

Show Bio text: Pro Version

Show Author Avatar: Pro Version


Category Archives

These settings trigger if a so-called “category picture” is shown.
If an author is attached to a category, then one may show  the bio of the author on this category (only pro version).

The category picture and the link to the author are set in the category settings. Category settings may override the general archive settings.

Cat Pic as Banner2

Category Picture shown on the Category Archive

3. Category Settings

The new fields in the edit category dialog of wpadmin


Category picture in categories back-end:

The WP admin can access the settings via edit post category and  quick edit post category.



  • Show category pictures yes/no Light Version
  • upload the picture Light Version
  • Cat Pic used in the archives? Light Version
  • Link category to author (user) Pro Version
    – We can add this in Light version, because of that we will encourage the users to use our Follow Author Plugin
  • Define margins Pro version
  • Once the picture is set, show the picture on the archives Light Version
  • Same as Yoast SEO does, we need a section called “PromoteAuthor Settings” that contains our new parameters. Light Version


Possible values for Archive Settings:

This is only Pro Version.

Option 0: The light version shows only the category picture and no bio.


  • Option1 (Pro version): Show category picture as logo: This shows the picture inside the header. The picture is reduced to thumbnail size, if its size was bigger.
  • Option2: (pro version) Show category picture and name as logo: This shows the picture and the name of the category inside the header. The picture is potentially reduced to thumbnail size.
  • Option3 (pro version) : Show category picture above bio: This displays the category picture in its full size and below it the bio of the linked author.
  • Option4 (pro version): Show author avatar and category picture above bio: This option display category picture and bio, as above. Additionally the author avatar is shown inside the header.

3. Pro Functionalites Pictured Category Widget

Some options of the pictured category widget are pro functionalites.

Full details which are Pro and which are Light see in the page on Pictured Category Widget


Developer’s feedback

It looks fine. It is possible to be done.



1. Category and author options pic cat tool
2. PromoteAuthor settings category settings
 3. Show category picture as logo  Show-category-picture-as-logo1-800x508
 4. Show category picture and name as logo  Show-category-picture-and-name-as-logo1-800x477
 5. Show category picture above bio  Show-category-picture-above-bio1-800x512
 6. Show author avatar and category picture above bio  author-avatar-and-category-picture-above-bio1-800x546
 7. Widgets settings  widget
 8. Widget in hompage  widget home page
 9. Sidebar widget settings  widget sidebar
 10. Widget in sidebar  sidebar
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