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P18 Post Introducer

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Page no: P18

PageNo: P18


We should be able to delete and regenerate the introduction
We can use tags [introduction] [/introduction] for it

Create editable Template in the plugin



Post Introduction Back-end: Spec vs. Realization


Part1: Follow Author

Part2, Related Posts

“Paul Krugman (%author%) considers the following as important %tags (of the this post). ”

Then we start with the two most related posts according to the most related posts based on linking and tags (not category)
See the related card for it.

“Tyler Cowen (%author of first related post%) writes %posttitle of related post% with link”

“Noah Smith (%author of second related post%) writes %posttitle of second related post% with link%

Part 3: Excert
Paul Krugman:

<BlockQuote >



Post Introduction


Post Introduction on the Front-End

1) Order must be after Follow Author (see to the left)

2) HTML Tags must work

3) The design has to be boxed

4) The design has to be OK on any resolution

5) The introducer must show always, it can have empty summary or empty tabs, Related posts are always there

fix html



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