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These plugins are rather for viewing the blog than editing its content. Hence they are used by the readers.



These plugins are the ones that allow for searching and modifying content as text or as widget or publish them in feeds.


Improve your SEO and website speed!

The following plugins are for improving your SEO score and site performance (and therefore also SEO).

Name Usefulness Authors Send emails?
48 Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin  one-two-three-stars    No
57 FeedBurner FeedSmith one-two-three-stars   No
76 Broken Link Checker  one-two-three-stars   
81 RSS Includes Pages one-two-three-stars   No
85 Super RSS Reader one-two-three-stars   No
91 Unique Headers  one-two-three-stars   No
93 W3 Total Cache  one-two-three-stars    No
94 Hyper Cache Extended  one-two-three-stars   No
95 WordPress SEO  one-two-three-stars     No
105 Yet Another Related Posts Plugin  one-two-three-stars    No