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Page no: P50


Permalink Finder

Permalimk finder is an old plugin, buy it works perfectly without any bugs or problems until now. It will work very well on all our blogs and we can change our permalinks without any problems. The plugin will monitoring and make Redirect 301 from the old urls to the new one.

The Permalink Finder Plugin detects when WordPress cannot find a permalink. Before it generates the 404 error the plugin tries to locate any posts with similar words. It does this by searching through the database trying to find any of the word values from the bad link. It takes the best match and then, rather than issuing a 404 error, it sends back a redirect to the correct page. Users will see the page that they are looking for, and search engine spiders will see the 301 redirect and update their databases so that the page appears correctly in searches.

This is especially useful where WordPress removes words like “the” and “a” from the permalink during conversions from Blogger.com accounts. It is also useful for migrations that formerly used extensions such as html and shtml, when WordPress does not.

The configuration panel allows a user to select how the plugin finds a missing page. The plugin counts the number of words that match to a post. By default, a two word match is sufficient to cause a redirect to the found page. False positives are possible, especially if the user selects a one word match. Increasing the number of words, however makes it unlikely that the plugin will ever find a match. You may eliminate numbers from the search. You may specify that a list of common English words like “the”, “and”, “who”, “you”, etc., not be considered in finding the correct permalink.

Optionally, the plugin will redirect hits on index.html, index.htm, and index.shtml to the blog home page. This is useful when a website previously used a non-php home page.

If WordPress detects a 404 error on robots.txt, sitemap.xml, crossdomain.xml, favicon.ico, or apple-touch-icon.png it will provide a default version.

The plugin will also optionally keep track of the last few 404’s or redirects. This is useful to find out what pages are missing or named badly that keep causing 404 errors or forcing redirects.

Permalink Finder Options

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