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P91 Unique Headers

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Add unique headers on different categories or pages.



The Unique Headers Plugin adds a custom header image box to the post/page edit screen. You can use this to upload a unique header image for that post, or use another image from your WordPress media library. When you view that page on the front-end of your site, the default header image for your site will be replaced by the unique header you selected.

To use this functionality with categories or tags, you will also need to install the excellent Taxonomy Metadata plugin.


You must use a theme which utilizes the built-in custom header functionality of WordPress. If your theme implement it’s own header functionality, then this plugin will not work with it.

Language support

The plugin includes translations for the following languages:

  1. Spanish – provided by Mariano J. Ponce
  2. German – provided by Tobias Klotz
  3. French – provided by Jenny Beaumont
Unique headers: New post

Unique headers: New post

Unique headers: Insert media

Unique headers: Insert media

Unique headers: Category

Unique headers: Category

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