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P61 Flexi Pages Widget

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WordPress plugin directory: Flexi Pages Widget

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We use it for showing our pages into sidebar.

screenshot-1 (4)Flexi Pages Widget is a highly configurable WordPress sidebar widget to list pages and sub-pages. Can be used as an alternative to the default ‘Pages’ widget.


  • Option to display sub-pages only in parent page and related pages.
  • Option to select and exclude certain pages from getting displayed in the list. Alternatively, only certain pages can be displayed by using the ‘include’ option.
  • Option to include a link to the home page.
  • Other options include title, sort column/order, hierarchical/flat format, show date, show as dropdown.
  • Multiple instances of the widget. Unlimited number of instances of the widget can be added to the sidebar.
  • Instead of using the widget, the function flexipages() can be called from anywhere in the template. For the list of parameters that can be passed on to this function, refer Other Notes.
  • Widget options menu is internationalized. Please refer Other Notes for the full list of languages in which the plugin is localized and translation credits.



Content Widget Broken on it.snbchf


This video is about content widget, which is broken on it.snbchf.com and shows all subpages, not the subpages from the parent page only.



It is fixed. It was a different settings of the widget, which caused the problem.


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