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please be online in Skype today
[13/04/2015 23:31:37] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Hi
[13/04/2015 23:43:12] George: Hi Azi
[13/04/2015 23:59:41] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Hello. How r u George
[00:01:21] T Azi (SEO Specialist): would you please explain your job. what type of backlinks do u need
[00:03:55] T Azi (SEO Specialist): u r there
[00:05:06] George: yes
[00:05:25] George: taking a coffee
[00:05:46] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ok. sure
[00:06:12] George: I am a Blogger with very valuable Content on snbchf.com
[00:06:30] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes. I am seeing it
[00:06:41] George: the blog is about economics, but the issue is that economics is nearly like politics
[00:06:43] T Azi (SEO Specialist): its some Financial blog
[00:07:22] George: economics or politics is like believing it.
finance is slightly different
[00:07:41] George: econimics/politics you Need authority
[00:08:00] George: Finance can be verified with your Investment after some time, if the Investment was good
[00:08:17] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes. I understand
[00:08:52] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i am MBA and have idea about finance and ecnomics
[00:08:55] George: There are 2 ways of creating authority
1) Collectivist Approach via for example linked in or knowing People
2) Google ranking via good backlinks
[00:09:12] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes
[00:09:47] T Azi (SEO Specialist): the first one is about Social Media Marketing
[00:09:54] T Azi (SEO Specialist): and second is about SEO
[00:10:07] T Azi (SEO Specialist): there is another way as well which is Paid Marketing
[00:10:52] George: Very good 3) Paid Marketing just like Hillary did
[00:11:35] George: now for becoming president, but there is also a mixture of 1, 2 and 3)
[00:11:36] T Azi (SEO Specialist): I am talking about Google adword Compaign. Face book also offers paid marketing
[00:12:25] George: I did FB Marketing, expensive and not very useful
[00:12:39] George: never tested adwords, I should
[00:12:50] George: About you?
[00:13:01] George: You offered 5$ per hour.
[00:13:18] George: you are in the industry already some time?
[00:13:41] T Azi (SEO Specialist): I am Professional Internet Marketing Expert
[00:13:54] George: from the US or somewhere else originally?
[00:14:48] T Azi (SEO Specialist): I have experienced in SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC
[00:15:15] T Azi (SEO Specialist): also have good experience in wordpress and Magento
[00:15:47] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i am in this field from about 14 years
[00:17:23] T Azi (SEO Specialist): u can ask me anything
[00:17:36] George: where are u from orginally?
[00:18:21] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i am from USA
[00:18:53] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Sacramento
[00:19:58] George: U got an interesting constellation of names, Aziz Rehman Balouch
[00:20:30] George: Aziz is maybe Hebrew or Syrian
[00:20:36] George: Rehman German
[00:20:48] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes. My family is Pak imigrant
[00:21:03] George: just were to say that Balouch is Pak
[00:21:04] T Azi (SEO Specialist): not German or henrew
[00:21:19] T Azi (SEO Specialist): its Muslim name
[00:21:22] George: Aziz is a Pak Name. too?
[00:21:32] George: Rehman is German
[00:21:35] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Balouch is cast
[00:21:51] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Rehman is an Arabic name
[00:22:14] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Meaning (The Most kind)
[00:22:29] T Azi (SEO Specialist): God The Most Kind
[00:23:07] George: While in German Reh is the most Kind animal
[00:23:29] George: https://www.google.ch/search?q=Reh&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=2EEsVdvoAozzaumqgSA&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=923
[00:24:57] George: http://www.rehmann.com/resources-insights/business-wisdom-2/item/1303-last-minute-tax-tips
[00:25:14] George: this is one with the German form “rehmann”
[00:26:08] T Azi (SEO Specialist): it look likes dear
[00:26:57] T Azi (SEO Specialist): but its different word in Arabic
[00:27:18] George: So u speak Urdu, English, Arabic?
[00:27:23] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i think it don’t have any similarity with German word Reh
[00:27:38] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Urdu
[00:28:04] T Azi (SEO Specialist): in pak we use Urdu. its our first laguage
[00:28:49] George: Let’s start
[00:28:58] George: https://www.seoprofiler.com/training/
[00:29:28] George: Just to me: I am from Luxembourg, I am German and live in Switzerland
[00:30:01] George: I plan to have sister sites
[00:30:37] George: swissmacro.ch   with economics info on Switzerland, mostly copied/translated stuff from other sites
[00:31:07] George: therefore less good Content, but it backlinks into snbchf.com with another c-net
[00:31:20] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ok
[00:31:35] George: and an Investment site which also backlinks into snbchf.com
[00:31:55] T Azi (SEO Specialist): what is your objective from these bogs]
[00:32:19] George: they obtain backlinks from Twitter
[00:32:21] T Azi (SEO Specialist): is it for earning purpose or u want to make acommunity for your articles
[00:32:34] George: the final aim is author SEO
[00:32:57] George: 1) promote people’s visibility on the net, our authors
[00:33:16] George: 2) second one is potentially to attract Investors on the Investment site
[00:33:48] George: since economics is very much authority, you Need visibility on the net
[00:34:00] George: just like politicians Need commercials
[00:34:34] George: We are working author visibility like here
[00:35:53] T Azi (SEO Specialist): sorry, not able to understand the pic writing\
[00:36:20] George: what can u see?
[00:36:46] George: Maybe we got an issue wtih Skype?
[00:37:13] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i can see the file but not able to understand the paragraph written on it
[00:37:27] George: Forget the text, you do SEO
[00:37:50] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes sure
[00:38:18] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i can handle the SEO of your site and can build audience for you from Google
[00:38:20] George: We got article Promotion via TW, FB. Linked, Reddit, G+ and additionally author rights via Internet archive
[00:38:40] George: We got author Promotion via FB, TW, G+, Seeking Alpha
[00:38:54] George: all integrated in the template
[00:39:25] George: We will Focus on author Promotion, Author SEO
[00:39:58] George: Each article by an author should be backlinked on high-Quality blogs
[00:40:13] George: typically with an intelligent comment
[00:40:48] George: this way we do Website Promotion and author promotion
[00:41:02] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i got your point
[00:41:15] George: Certainly we can also look in our traditional SEO
[00:42:09] T Azi (SEO Specialist): in simple, you need promotion of your site by getting visitors to your site from
[00:42:19] George: A typical comment could be on Berkeley Professor blog site “Keith Weiner opposed the Point that …. would be ….. see more in …… LINK”
[00:42:57] George: I don’t Need visitors from the other blog
[00:43:13] George: yes ok this is nice, but I Need Google Ranking Points
[00:43:24] George: just because the backlink exists…
[00:43:33] George: on this Professor website
[00:45:48] George: Now we can start and define our keywords
[00:46:00] George: We got about 300-400 keywords
[00:46:35] George: We got 300 pages like an encyclopedia
[00:46:54] George: we got alraedy a good G ranking
[00:47:21] George: still there?
[01:24:25] T Azi (SEO Specialist): sorry I got internet problem
[01:24:30] T Azi (SEO Specialist): now here
[01:24:46] George: yes
[01:25:22] T Azi (SEO Specialist): 1 sec. let me check your site’s SEO
[01:34:20] T Azi (SEO Specialist): is Google analytics and google webmastertool added to ur site?
[01:34:42] George: yes
[01:35:50] T Azi (SEO Specialist): can give me access to that directly  or can u ad my id as user there
[01:35:51] George: should I give u Access?
[01:35:56] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes
[01:36:17] George: email?
[01:37:03] T Azi (SEO Specialist): https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009702?hl=en
[01:37:45] George: your email address
[01:38:07] George: I am already there in anayltics
[01:38:25] T Azi (SEO Specialist): azizul_rehman10@yahoo.com
[01:39:11] George: u Need a Google account…
[01:40:30] George: User e-mail that is registered in Google accounts
No Google account exists for this email
[01:40:52] T Azi (SEO Specialist): azizrehman6352@gmail.com
[01:41:31] T Azi (SEO Specialist): use this azizrehman6352@gmail.com
[01:42:37] T Azi (SEO Specialist): got it
[01:42:39] George: gave u Access for both
[01:42:43] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ok
[01:43:39] George: U got an Audit tool too?
[01:43:54] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes I have
[01:43:59] T Azi (SEO Specialist): checked backlinks
[01:44:13] George: If you could give the results tomorrow
[01:44:48] George: If you could just tell me which factors in
[01:45:04] George: your are checking with G analytics and Web master tools
[01:46:24] T Azi (SEO Specialist): i have got its Backlinks report. ur site is already having a good numbers of backlinks. Many of them are Dofollow
[01:46:44] George: what is “Dofollow”
[01:46:56] T Azi (SEO Specialist): having around 5800 backlinks from around 430 domains which is good number
[01:47:08] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Dofollow and Nofollow is a SEO term
[01:47:15] George: I have 5800 Bl or they have?
[01:47:23] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ur site have
[01:47:57] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Dofollow Backlinks: Those backlinks which google considers to Decrease or increase ranking of site
[01:48:31] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Nofollow Backlinks: Those backlinks which Google Don’t considers for ranking
[01:49:18] T Azi (SEO Specialist): Dofollow backlinks have impact on sites ranking but Nofollow backlinks have no impact
[01:49:49] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ur site having 1891 Dofollow backlinks
[01:49:54] George: got a link for more Explanation?
[01:49:56] T Azi (SEO Specialist): and 3809 Nofollow
[01:50:04] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes. 1 sec
[01:50:25] George: I have 5800 Do Follow and 3809 Nofollow?
[01:50:37] T Azi (SEO Specialist): no
[01:50:49] T Azi (SEO Specialist): 5800 is total
[01:50:56] George: what are These numbers?
[01:51:09] T Azi (SEO Specialist): These are the Numbers of Backlinks
[01:51:16] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ur site have from other sites
[01:51:42] George: 5800 Total, of which 3809 nofollow?
[01:52:21] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ur site is getting 5800 total links from 433 domains
[01:52:36] T Azi (SEO Specialist): 1891 backlinks are Dofollow
[01:52:48] T Azi (SEO Specialist): and 3809 backlinks are nofollow
[01:53:14] T Azi (SEO Specialist): this is the anchor text percent age
[01:53:16] T Azi (SEO Specialist): snbchf.com (11%) george dorgan (6%) dennis p. lockhart (4%) here (3%) federal reserve bank (3%) polls show (2%) snbchf (2%) snbchf blog (2%) powerful reason (1%) <a>noText</a> (1%) balance sheet recession (1%) broad money supply (m1-m3) (1%) the big swiss faustian bargain: differences between snb, ecb and fed money printing explained (1%) the risks on the rising snb money supply (1%) 10% of the swiss gdp, (1%) balance of payment (bop) data (1%) details (1%) german and french government bonds (1%) nice increases in us industrial production and productivity (1%) our critique (1%) published a paper (1%) purchasing manager indices are still contracting. (1%) the swiss economy is expanding more strongly than it seems (1%) we (1%) “snb concerned”: does a yes to the swiss gold referendum imply an end of the chf cap? #gold #precious #metals (1%) 2014 update: the fed’s fomc composition: who is hawk, who is dove? snbchf.com (1%) an earlier post (1%) artificially depressing its currency (1%) asset market model (1%) calculated last week (1%)
[01:54:26] George: this is G analytics
[01:54:32] T Azi (SEO Specialist): no
[01:54:33] George: or webmaster Tools?
[01:54:50] T Azi (SEO Specialist): no its my Audit tool report about ur site Backlinks
[01:55:06] George: it makes sense that you blog this stuff directly
[01:55:20 | Removed 01:56:31] George: This message has been removed.
[01:56:18] George: Maybe u copy the whole Skype conversation into a word doc
[01:56:40] T Azi (SEO Specialist): why?
[01:56:55] George: parts are SEO analysis
[01:57:04] George: and Background for you and me
[01:57:09] George: I can do it too
[01:58:00] George: I got to sleep now, very late
[01:58:21] George: U could make the reports ready till tomorow
[01:58:22] T Azi (SEO Specialist): ok. no prob
[01:58:46] George: for Analytics, Webmaster and Audit
[01:58:58] T Azi (SEO Specialist): yes. i will provide you tomorrow

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