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9.4 Usual PB may destroy Google ranking

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I think that PB may destroy Google ranking, because of three main reasons:

The code looks very bad

div entry

The code after using PB

Google always wants good, clean and simple code. The PageBuilders adds too many not necessary DIVs and many classes and ids. For example the normal code looks like:

<p>some content</p>

The new code will be formatted like this:

<div class=”a b c d”><div class=”inner-a inner-b inner-c inner-d”><div class=”inner2-a etc..”><div class=”pb-widget”><div class=”pb-innerwidget”><p>some content</p></div></div></div></div></div>

I can’t see why we want to make the code complicated and hard for reading and understanding by search bots, when we can serve them simple content and structure. This will help better indexing.


Google probably will not recognize the article as one article

When Google index an article, it takes the content divided by paragraphs and indexing it. The structure is in one main div, we show paragraphs. But when we use PB we can confuse Google because of too many block elements (div). It will think that this page is not one article, it is an archive page or small different articles.




Performance issues, when we use PB

WordPress usually have slow performance. When the site is with huge DB or when the site have many enabled plugins, all of this make the wordpress very slow. One PB is changing almost all the functionalities of the Post/Page core wordpress functionalities. All this generating the functionalities or the page definitely will increase the time of the page being loaded.

Other opinions

According to moz comunity (not official moz opinion) the page building blocks are okey. But they talked about “content is the king” and other general things. No one talked about the reasons, which we explain above. Also the question is from 2014, which means that the information is probably not relevant.



Sources: Moz Community

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