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4.3 Linking to related posts

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One way of getting search engines to get to your older content a bit easier, thus increasing your WordPress SEO capabilites a LOT, is by using a related posts plugin. These plugins search through your posts database to find posts with the same subject, and add links to these posts.

There are quite a few related posts plugins but we tend to stick with custom code in our theme. A very good alternative is Microkid’s related post plugin, which lets you manually pick related posts. This might cost a bit more time before you hit publish but might very well be worth your while.

There are also a lot of plugins that will automatically link certain keywords to certain posts. We do not like this at all as we find it to look very spammy.

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We use the YARP plugin (Yet Another Related Post). I works well even for pages.  I often manually update the page and include manually hand-crafted links.

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