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4.5 Content SEO and Linkdex

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Content SEO made easier by WordPress, Yoast and Linkdex

Linkdex LogoIt has always been my goal to make content SEO as easy as can be, and to make people writing content perform the necessary actions instead of someone else fixing up after them. Good SEO for a site consists of set of technical requirements, a good site structure and then the most important thing: well optimized content. Preferably lots of it. Today, by releasing the Linkdex Page Analysis integration into my WordPress SEO plugin, we’ve come one step closer to that goal of making Content SEO easy.

So what is it: full content SEO analysis functionality. The WordPress SEO box, with the snippet preview you’ve come to know, has a new tab, titled Page Analysis. This tab features a report of the content for the current post, check what it looks like (click for larger versions):

Page Analysis Tab that helps you with Content SEO

And one that’s a bit more positive:

Page Analysis - Content SEO well done!

What’s in that page analysis tab that helps me with Content SEO?

As you can see, there are three different types of messages: warnings, notices and messages. The messages are in the bottom, as they tell you stuff you probably don’t have to do anything about. The notices are above them, they can range from saying “No images appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate” or, if you do have images but didn’t use your focus keyword in the alt tag it’ll say: “The images on this page do not have alt tags containing your keyword / phrase”.

Warnings are messages like “The keyword / phrase does not appear in the page title.” Another useful message: “You’re linking to another page with the keyword you want this page to rank for, consider changing that if you truly want this page to rank.”

Other messages can concern the meta description, the page title, your use of headings, the number of links, the length of your post or page’s copy, the keyword density and the Flesch Reading Ease score for the page. The latter score determines whether your page is easy to read, by checking for long sentences and words with a lot of syllables. This feature currently only works properly for the English language.

You’ll probably understand why I think that such feedback will help you write better (optimized) content and thus makes content SEO easier.

This seems to good to be true, what’s the catch?

Let me be clear, even though this is a collaboration between Linkdex and myself, the new content SEO functionality featured in the plugin is 100% free and will remain free and open source. There is no catch. As said, this feature is free for all users of the WordPress SEO plugin, doesn’t require registration or anything else and doesn’t send your data to other servers. All the analysis is done right there within your blog. As you can see in the screenshot above there’s some minor promo for Linkdex underneath the box, which is an awesome service, and if you sign up for Linkdex using one of those links, or the ones in this post for that matter, I get a little bit of money.

This release also features a set of updates to the General tab of the WordPress SEO box. The snippet preview has some enhancements, mostly relating to properly using ellipsis when the content is too long, as well as several JavaScript improvements. The focus keyword box, moved up in the previous release because it is so important for all these content SEO analyses, has gotten a new Google Suggest implementation using jQuery and jQuery UI that is far more robust than the previous one. Check it out:

Snippet Preview with updated Focus Keyword Suggest

Lastly, there are some new features in the indexing area, for instance allowing you to noindex, follow all paginated pages in taxonomies, so you can have /cat/seo/ indexed, but /cat/seo/page/2/ noindex, followed. In all, I think this is a killer update. There’s one thing left to tackle, the way XML sitemaps are built. It works but I’m not happy with it, once I’ve finished that the plugin will come out of beta. For now, enjoy version 0.3, and let me know in the comments what you think! Bonus points for the person who guesses the focus keyword of this article 🙂

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