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4.8 Seven Great Features in Writtent to Spot Amazing Writers

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Today, I’m thrilled to announce Writtent update, a major update that makes our solution even an even better fit for your needs. Whether you’re new to Writtent or a long-time customer, I’m confident you’ll love our new features as much as I do. Learn how Writtent can make finding just the right writers easier than ever:


1. Know Upfront When Your Content Will be Delivered

Most freelance writer marketplaces can be something of a gamble. It’s difficult to estimate exactly when your content will be ready-to-publish. It’s frustrating at best, and makes content strategy impossible at worst.

Writtent 3.0 features unique “estimated delivery” guidelines on our writers. Before you select your preferred author, you’ll learn how long it typically takes him or her to complete a job. This estimated delivery is based on a combination of their ability, as well as history writing for our clients.


2. Readability score? What’s that?

Exceptional content can be subjective. However, readability score is not. Graders like the Fleischman-Kincaid are designed to put an objective measurement on how easily your content can be consumed. The right readability score can vary by audience, but in general, your content should be accessible.

Writtent 3.0 automatically calculates ease-of-reading for writer samples, so you’ll know whether to expect a complex or simple user experience.


3. Instantly Contact a Writer You Like

Feeling uncertain about whether a prospective writer is going to fit with your vision? Customers can immediately begin a dialogue with writers via a message or instant chat. There’s no need to wait until you’ve placed an order to determine goodness of fit, and whether your collaboration will be successful.


4. Search in Writer’s Sample Stories

When it comes to a writer, past experience is a really powerful indicator. Writtent 3.0 allows you to search your writer’s sample work by industry or topic, so you can instantly access highly relevant copywriting.You’ll never waste time trying to wade through irrelevant writing samples again.


5. Hire in Just a Few Clicks

We know your time is precious, which is why we don’t require a laborious or lengthy workflow to place an order. When you’ve found the right writer, it’s go-time. After adding details on your content project and selecting the best freelance copywriter for your brand, it’s just 2 more clicks before you can relax and wait for your content.


6. Location & Native Language

Need a local writer? You could be amazed at just how much a writer in your timezone can benefit your project, especially if you’re working on something big or complex. Our writer profiles include location, so you can determine how easy it will be to collaborate and chat about your project in real time.

Even more importantly, natural language and writing matter a lot to your customers, and to search engines, too. That’s why our writers’ native languages are verified before allowing you to place an order, so there’s no negative surprises.


7. Reliability Ratios

Metrics matter an awful lot, and we provide you with the most up-to-date information possible on a writer’s past performance. Two measures we use include “Written on time” and “Response time.” If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have time to deal with a freelance writer with a history of missed deadlines or someone who often fails to respond.

Reliability and timing both matter. That’s why we’ve created a system based on data and total transparency for our customers.

I know that ordering content online shouldn’t be a stressful experience. With the Writtent update, we’ve stripped away all mystery and confusion from the process. Now, it’s easier than ever to find the right writer for your content marketing, and get content that works.

Ready to explore Writtent 3.0? Check out our work options. Don’t forget – we’re 24/7 here for you in case you have any questions. 

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