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4.4 Go easy on the tags

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One of the most common issues we encounter on sites in our website reviews is the overuse of tags. Note that a tag in and of itself does not improve your SEO. The only way it improves your SEO is by relating one piece of content to another, and more specifically a group of posts to each other.

We’ve recently released a tool we’ve built to help solve that problem, which makes it easy to delete & redirect and/or merge tags or other (custom) taxonomies. So if you’ve been guilty of using too many tags on your site you might want to check out our tool for optimizing tags.

Optimize your tags

I created a tool to optimize your tags easily, read more about it here.

Realisation on snbchf.com

I think we have problem here. We have to have important tags, which we will treat them like category – link them on different pages, share them into social networks and etc. We don’t need so many tags. For example we don’t need tag for the author – we have the same page. We also don’t need tag snb, because we have the same page. We must add tags on which we can group our pages in different order. So they will be new and valuable for Google. The page for the tag snb will give you negative effect. Google will treat the tag like duplicated content. You know better how to structure your articles. We can choose 10 or 20 tags and use only them. The pages from the tags will be with good ranking and we can get traffic from them.

Realisation on newsfeed site

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