S15b SEO: how to organize a multiple, etherogeneous topics website?

Page no: S15b

Page no: S15b

Author: SEO: how to organize a multiple, etherogeneous topics website?


I happen to have a decent knowledge about a ton of very different topics.

I’d like to start a large blog website talking about them, but while some of those topics are more or less close, others are really alien to them.

In example, I’d like to post a series of blog posts about how to optimize wordpress, another bunch would be about OpenCart.

But I also know a good deal about configuring Ubuntu servers so I also want to create a series of posts about that (by series I mean 100 or so).

But I also know a lot about finance and markets trading, I could write thousands of posts about that.

But I also know a lot about online gaming (and coding), I could write a number of posts and make videos and so on.

I have read that the best way is to keep everything under the same domain so to build “critical mass” which in turn brings Google rank. But wouldn’t so many topics diversity actually convince readers that the website is amateur-ish or too much “do it all” / unfocused and actually lead them to abandon it?

Also, I read that a best practice is to keep only one consistent theme across the whole website. I find it hard to setup one theme which is effective and good for such diverse stuff as wordpress and gaming or finance. I don’t have problems implementing different themes as I got the full Genesis bundle.

As of now I had started creating empty websites focused on one task (i.e. www.wp-optimize.com for wordpress optimization) but I fear I’d easily end up creating 7-8 unrelated small websites that would never gain momentum to rank up.

Basically, I have the content, I have the quality (well, I hope so!) and even have some quantity. I am “just” asking, with this peculiar situation on my hands, if there are best practices to monetize my efforts (with ads) in a rational and effective way.

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