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S27 C-Nets, backlinks?

Page no: S27

Page No: S27


IP address

Swissmacro.ch and snbchf.com currently use the same IP. It will be better if swissmacro.ch  is located on different IP. For Google backlinks for domains hosted on the same IP is almost nothing. We will have better results If they are on different  IPs or if is possible on different  C class networks 


SNBCHF.com =

Swissmacro.ch =


If you wish to make backlinks from sites that you own,  better buy hosting account on different hosting provider and host the site there.


Keith Weiner had as old IP and as new. It is the same provider. It can happen that the range of a provider spans over C nets.


CMS and Design

it will be better to use different CMS and different Design for all different sites. It is absolutely imperative the articles on the other site to be unique and every  article must have link to  2 to 5 article without linking with the relevant content. This will have a long term good result for you. Google like relevant links. The links must be with semantic keyword or Brand only. Where it is possible will be good to have and link like domain.com only, without keyword etc.


DNS Servers

The DNS server it does not matter in this case.


For good ranking for Google the brand is huge factor
Google prefer brands than the other site. You had to create a brand. Big brand will increase your seo rank for example – snb chf are keywords, but snbchf is a brand
if visitors search in google for snbchf or snbchf.com it will increase your overall google rank
in the past google prefer domains with keywords, but now it is changed. Google prefer brands


Example   if your site is wedesign.com, my is e-llusion.org and my brand is bigger I will be ranking before you on keyword webdesign


Other hosting

We have 8 different dedicated (not vps like your!) servers in hetzner with 8 different c class networks. example ( and All of our servers are in Germany. Hetzner is one of the biggest hosting providers in Germany. He has excellent connection with all European countries.



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