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S03 Common server issues

Page no: S03

Page no: S03

Issue: CDN making huge traffic after purging

Our server problem on 07/20 was caused by our CDN. We purged the whole cdn cache and their crawlers start caching all our static content again. The problem was that they started too many connections to the our server. The traffic was almost 800% higher than the usual traffic. This is problem of the CDN, they must send regular queries for fetching our content. This traffic is not seen by the Google Analytics, because it is directly to our CSS files. Nothing related with the site. So Google Analytics can track only when the code is installed on that page. It can’t track the traffic to our static files.

We fixed that issue changing the apache and nginx limits to higher. Now we can handle MaxCDN traffic. But it is good idea to purge only some files, not the whole cache. It will save us so many unnecessary queries.

Server load at that time on 07/20

ISSUE: No disc space

When we store many backups on the server, the disk space is full and the site stops working. The site needs always some disk space for properly working. The solution: We simply need to delete the old backups from the server. This can be done via BackupBuddy page or via FTP browsing wp-content/uploads. Then we need to delete the old backups and after 1 minute all the site services goes up again.



www. does not solve

Solution: Now it works fine. It was a problem in the DNSes of the website and configuration of the VestaCP







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