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S20 Server Migration

Page no: S20

Page No: S20


In May 2015 we moved snbchf.com to a new server.


SNBCHF move to new server

  1. new account under reseller for snbchf.com with an IP in a different C-net
  2. take new backup of SNBCHF
  3. upload the new backup of SNBCHF to new server via FTP
  4. Via backup buddy install the server and snbchf DB (not Plesk and single file upload!)
  5. disconnect old site from Jetpack
  6. We will test everything if it is okey
    Remark: before we change DNS !!! –> LESSONS LEARNED
    If we do not wait with step 7, then some places in the world may get the new IP too early. For them the server is down.
    Question: How can we test on the new server without new DNS?
    Is there an internal IP? Like https://v120130428178900.yourvserver.net on Netcup?
  7. Change A-Record DNS entry on Hostgator to new server IP
  8. Whitelist the new IP in MaxCDN.


Swissmacro.ch move to new server

  1. new account under reseller for swissmacro website
  2. create new backup of SNBCHF
  3. upload the new backup of SNBCHF via FTP
  4. We will create new db user & db for the site
  5. Using backup buddy install the site
    Remark: Plesk and single file upload are too slow!
  6. stop all plugins like jetpack, mailpoet and etc until we are ready.
  7. Restrict the access to this site until we go live with a password block plugin
  8. Create DNS entries and change the domain
  9. Whitelist the new IP in MaxCDN.
  10. One day: Go-Live!

Using backup buddy or SSH upload

With the managed server at Netcup, we do not have full access, therefore we do not have all tools for a DB upload like SSH.
Backup Buddy needs

The problem with manual upload is that you have many files and we don’t have ssh access to the server.
Phpmyadmin is not created for big dbs and this can cause us problem when we import big sql files.
Backupbuddy have a script for uploading big dbs and this is advantage for backup buddy.


Testsite test.snbchf.com

  1. create a new account under reseller for test site of snbchf
  2. Same as under snbchf.com


DOC for our sites

1) We will create new account for doc.snbchf.com

This is http://wordpress-pro.com/blog/


IP Addresses

Old IP snbchf.com: (Netcup)

Netcup neww IP snbchf.com: (Netcup, different C-net)

Hetzner, new IP snbchf.com :


Address of Swissmacro and the other feed sites: (Netcup, different C-net)

Hetzner, new IP swissmacro and economicblogs:


Plesk & PHP ini

All needed information is here.

Vesta CP

with the move to Hetzner and E-llusion server support we moved to Vesta CP.

Detailed Tasks


The following tasks need to be documented in more details



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