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Page no: L11


PageNo: L11

For creating an SSL certificate you need an administrator email address associated with the domain.

How to set up the SSL Email in Gandi

Gandi works with zones, where you can administrate the domain.


Zone Economicblogs

You might have already a zone for economic blogs on the same IP address (A Record). Both economicblogs.org and economicblogs.ch use this zone.
Strangely there is no mail defined for economicblogs.org yet. I just created both entries.

Mail EconomicBlogs.ch

Mail MX Entries



Make an admin account for economicblogs.org and economicblogs.ch

This must be done via VestaCP.

1. First we need to navigate to Mail tab via VestaCP

Vesta CP: Navigate to Mail

Vesta CP: Navigate to Mail - Click to enlarge

2. Then we must select the domain, which we want and click on “Add account”


VestaCP: Select the domain

3. Then we must fill up the form and create admin account.

VestaCP: Adding form

VestaCP: Adding form - Click to enlarge

4. Then we can login via “Open WEBMAIL”

VestaCP: WebMail

VestaCP: WebMail - Click to enlarge

What about redirected domain economic-blogs.org, do we need another SSL certificate?

Redirecting of one domain to another no matter if it is http or https don’t need any certificates. So if we want to redicrt economic-blogs.org we don’t need SSL certificate.


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