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L01 SSL on our WordPress

Page no: L01

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We will need two wildcard SSLs for our two main sites – SNBCHF.com (and all subdomains) and one for Economicblogs (and all subdomains). With these two SSLs we will have 90% ssl certificates on our sites.

Then we will have swissmacro, proteauthors and george dorgan. For them the cheaper will be to use free ssls. In anycase we will need new IPs for them. One ip can be assigned to only one SSL. So we will need 3 new ips and 3 free SSLs.

Background: Yoast supports using SSL


Why only one IP per SSL?

The technology doesn’t allow and it is not build in that way. You can use only one SSL on one IP address. This is the technology.

We currently have two ip addresses on which we can install 2 ssl certificates. We will install 2 certificates – one on SNBCHF.com and one on ecoblogs.


Reference: info.ssl.com


What certificate will be used on SwissMacro?

Swissmacro is single domain without any subdomains. There we will need different certificate. In that case we can use free ssl, because we don’t need the wildcard functionality. But the issue is that we need new ip address for this domain. The technology allow only one ssl on one ip.


How quickly can be done?

The steps are:

  1. Buying the SSLs
  2. Adding the needed information about the owner of the certificates and the site.
  3. Waiting the provider to create the SSLs
  4. Activate them. It will need 4 hours to be activated
  5. Install it on the server
  6. Setup the VESTA to work with the SSL
  7. Setup the site to work with the SSL


Aprox. time per server: 1 day


Is there any alternatives?

If we change our CDN to the free CloudFlare (or paid one), we can use absolutely free ssl on all our sites. No need of IPs, server configuration, paying something or anything else. We only need to change to the CloudFlare certificate.

Reference: cloudflare.com


Required Emails on SSL sites

The ssl requires one of the following emails to be used for activating it: admin , administrator, hostmaster, postmaster, webmaster. We make an alias of admin and use it for activating it.


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