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Ta10 Layout Problems on Mobile

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Page no: Ta10
Problem Screen Old Device Status Screen Corrected
1) Not using ShareButtons Light,

but Sahifa buttons


Nexus Sahifa Buttons IPad2 Solved?
Test again
2) Image in Tiny Table takes only small part of the screen. Left side is empty.
It should be bigger and take full part of the page.
Ipad Small Image in Table iPad2
3) Image with text on same line:
Image takes only small part of the screen
IPad Small Image with Text Nexus7
4) Category Picture small on Bawerk IPad Small Cat Picture IPad2
& Nexus
5) Category Picture big on George Dorgan on SNB (older) IPad2 Huge Category Pic Solved?




Highest Priority: Two-column tiny tables

The tables require a new class “tinytable”.

For this sake, we must replace all occurrences of the table HTML with the new class. An example is the following.


Example for the replacement

Replace Table Format


High Priority: TablePress or Tiny Tables with 3-4 columns

Solution:… CSS like here

.tablepress th,
.tablepress td {
  line-height: 2;



Lower priority: Multiple columns in TablePress or Tiny Table

The solution is here a vertical table scroller, e.g. JSFiddlejsfiddle