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The Audiograbber is maybe one of the best grabbing tools for the conversion of CDs into mp3 and the Vorbis ogg format.

For obtaining Mp3 you need to install the Lame Plugin.

Installation of Free Version is Painful

The free version comes a lot of spamware. Pay attention to directly remove the spam with a Revo Uninstaller or a similar uninstall program.

AudiograbberQuick Introduction of Audiograbber

(Originally German from Audiograbber forum)


In order to get the music from CDs to your computer, you do not do a lot:

Start Audiograbber => Insert the CD => press “freedb” => grabbing

Don’t forget the LAME plugin for Mp3 Format

Before: Only Audiograbber then install the LAME plugin (in the program directory of audiograbber). In theory, then already all work! Who OGG files instead of MP3s want, should not mitinstallieren the LAME plugin!

IMPORTANT: “CD-ROM access mode” (General Settings) should definitely be on ASPI! If this is not the case, read on here.

These are the four “small” steps to generate with Audiograbber mp3s. For a better understanding and fine-tuning, however, the following four “major” steps should skim at least! «Last Edit: August 14, 2010 12:47:15 by start78» Logged Always helpful again: Audiograbber in 4 steps Feedback I read particularly like. I am always curious, was solved whether and especially how a problem. start78 Administrator Expert ***** Offline Offline


Step 1:

Install and set Audiograbber «Reply # 1 on: December 7, 2005 18:28:17» Install Audiograbber and adjust: After Setup AG is in principle already ready to use. A few changes in the settings, however, make sense:

(“Options => General settings …” or “Options” button)

Destination Folder:
Windows provides the folder “My Documents” subfolder “My Music” to. A good place for the files! Share this folder “My Music” can be found in Windows XP usually in “C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ My Documents \ My Music”.

File names:
The pieces of an album are displayed later in Windows Explorer in the correct order when you “Artist Name of the piece – – track number” according to the scheme can nominate. Subfolders for artists and albums provide a better overview!

Leave unchecked. Changes make sense here rarely and should only be performed by experienced users!

See “Silence”. With one exception: If older drives, it may happen that at the beginning of the first title a small Knackston arises. This can prevent you by allowing power up the drive before reading.

Time left:
Only relevant for the display of the required time during the grabbing. Just leave her alone!

These settings should explain themselves. Here there is nothing to change.

Other: Here you can, for example, turn off the splash screen at startup. Audiograbber will then start a little faster. Otherwise there is nothing to change here.

CD-ROM Access: See the next section.

Additional settings:

In the “Options” menu can be made even more settings.

Normalization options
Leave Disabled ! There are more elegant ways to get consistent playback volume: Elegant and suitable for all formats:
technical background

Nur für mp3, dafür aber auch kompatibel zu Hardware (portable und DVD-Player):
MP3 gain
Freedb Settings … Look here.

Audio playback …


Here you can “embed” his favorite player in Audiograbber. For the grabbing actually unnecessary.

ID3v1 tag ... Saves title information in the MP3 file. Some portable players can handle “ID3v1” ​​tags only. Here worth the “Track number mitspeichern”.

ID3v2 tags … More powerful variant to store song information in the file. Provides a lot of leeway. Please note this thread! «Last Edit: May 2nd 2010, 19:51:20 by start78»

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