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The software OwnCloud that we run for our server is insufficient because the synchronisation with the local files is very slow on Windows 8.1. but also in Windows 7.

We opt for a three-step approach.Boxcryptor

1. Encryption happens on the client, if the user likes to. The software used on the client is Boxcryptor.

ExpanDrive2. Then we use a tool to map our FTP server to a network drive. It is called ExpanDrive.

Last but not least we need a synchronization tool that clearly shows which files are being update on the cloud and on client side. In step 2, the cloud has been made available as explorer drive.

Total CommanderThe Total Commander written by the Swiss Ghisler a very intuitive and quick way to synchronize directories and we would like to use it.



We regularly synchronise r the cloud against the local NAS drive on George’s server.

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