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A02 Youtube – Download & Upload

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step 1

Video from YouTube

1) Open the video from youtube and copy the video URL



step 2

ClipConverter: Using for downloading video

2) Open clipconverter.cc and paste the URL. Choose mp4 format and click on “continue” button












step 3

ClipConverter: Choosing the right quality

3) After that, we need to choose the best quality and click on “start”, so you can start downloading the video












step 4

Youtube: choose “upload”

1) We need to navigate to youtube.com and log in with our profile. After that we choose from top right corner upload.

step 5

Youtube: choosing the video

2) After that we select which video we want to upload. We must choose the video, which we downloaded already.




3) Until the video is uploading, we are adding the needed title, description and tags. When the video is uploaded, we click on  “publish” button

step 6

Youtube: Uploading the video


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