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T02 Fix Broken Links

Page no: T02

Page no: T03


We use the broken links plugin.



Categorisation of broken links



Case 1) Images contain %

Example URL:


Case 2) Pics that do not Point to Image file but to a longer URL


Example URL:

or here


Case 4) Draft pages

No need to touch them yet.


Case 5) Comments as Pingback:

You can delete them, never real comments only trackbacks




will look on snbchf sources that are not drafts
can u order by URL please
no please come to my computer
your email?

first case, normal wrong link
inside blog, search SNB Gold sales with search window
is the post there? I can’t see it
sorry I closed windows
see custom search?
sorry my internet connection is bad here
yes I see the search field
do search and find correct URL

Swiss Franc History, 2000-2007: The sale of the Swiss gold reserves

I will try
now replace the wrong URL
I understand
If I have questions, I will ask
this is only first case
not very often
now next case

this might be slow
so better do not use
except when it is very important
this link
in this case I better say “unlink”
is important link
I do “edit URL” and the use archive
“use this URL”
difficult for you to know what is important
how I can determine if the link is important or not
often it is inside the title of the post
but usually difficult
cannot help you more
next one Credit Suise
in this case you can search “000000022801.pdf”
on the internet
the name of the pdf
I get it
Typically PDF are important
but simple Images less important
simple links less important
if I cant find the pdf?
but you can link also the blog that gives Details about the Content of the PDF
Central Banks Quasi-Fiscal Deficits
misses important links, which are the Images inside the post

Central Banks’ Quasi-Fiscal Deficits and Potential Hyperinflation

because Images where hot-linked
the source is now gone and the Images are gone
it is possible to find the Images on the Internet archive
or maybe not…
I will try to search in internet for the image?
u know how Internet Archive works
500 Internal Server Error
maybe when the Server is full of load
do not do anything
currently Forget because we go too many broken links
do nothing
403 Forbidden happens when the Content is only accessible to login
you can leave that
403 unknown
error is stupid
goldinitiative is important so use archive
I do alreadfy
Mauldineconomics too
when it is domain and not subdomain and the domain seems trusty
they are all trustful links
Prg Radoslav Karadjov: I will use archive
this is not the rule
then tell me how to determine them
important is difficult : I must tell you
write a list and I will answer
[17:50:35] George: Order by URL page 3
So if you want I will work on types
first insite links
lets continue
page 3 only DRAFT
no problem
do u have the same order
still on my PC?
I understand
Now we got one thing
We gonna divide the blog into pages (encyclopedia) and Posts (News)
page 5-9 are history
[ They should be moved to the News site
don’t know where is the best place
history on snbchf or News on swissmacro.ch
they are historical news
I tend to snbchf
So we will have some posts
not only pages
but I donot know yet
what to do
Problem is forexlive has destroyed ist whole history
Forexlive is an FX site, you know it?
they had lots of Content, all is destroyed deleted
I copied it from them
I think we do unlink
for all of them
you will do it
page 9
Guest commentary see it?
All comments are so-called ping-backs
simply delete
no importance
leave “dorgang” comments These are my ones
there is a Problem with Connection between post and comment
but delete comments without dorgang
I am dorgang
to delete the comments or thew links in them
you go Trash comment
not unlink
ok, get it
i dont know what are you doing
I am examining a page where the Image inside the page does not work
this is image
you must examine more
this is important
no worries
i will fix this
Problem is % inside paht
okey, i know
no problem
that’s it
and you can start
unlink forexlive
examine Image problems
trash comments
trackbacks comments
not dorgang comments
300 broken links now
about 50 will remain after your work
and fix the insite links?
no more 100 DRAFTS
will remain
after 50 others
you will fix about 100 or maybe 150
Prg Radoslav Karadjov: ok
not more
don’t fix DRAFTS!!
It will be work for today and tomorrow I think?
mostly fix 404 not found
500 internal Server not

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