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Page no: T03a

Page no: T03a

After changing URLs with our stop words tool, we ended up in a lot of broken internal links on our doc site. We needed to evaluate how to fix the broken links.

We use the broken links checker plugin. For most WordPress users it offers the best in functionality.


Broken Links are shown as redirected

Many links are not shown as broken but as “redirected”.


Redirected Links

Fix redirect: advanced option for broken links checker

Why does broken link checker that our internal links are redirected?


Case 1. Pass-word protection

The plugin does not works correctly when the site is password-protected. Hence we must disable the password-protection, when we work with broken links.

I discovered the issue, when I used the option “Fix Redirect”. (see screen above)
The plugins used the new URL “http://wordpress-pro.com/blog?password-protected=login&redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Fit.snbchf.com%2Fplugins%2Fplugin%2F….”.
It replaced the well-working links (if you are logged in) with a new link to the password protection.


Case 2. Internal Link Syntax

The plugin does not like the internal link syntax. It also claims a redirect issue when we use the internal syntax instead of the external syntax.
internal link syntax: /plugins/external-plugins/…
external link syntax: http://wordpress-pro.com/blog/plugins/external-plugins/.


As for case2, we could start a longer discussion which syntax we should use. We use backup buddy, that is able to change the site prefix “https://yoursite.com” into “https://newsite.com”.



Solving Case1

Using the option “Fix redirect” was fatal, because it replaced the working URL with a new link where one can enter the password.

For fixing case1, we use either the plugin Search Regex or the Better Search Replace.

Here the results with Search Regex.

Search Regex Redirected

Search results for wrongly redirected pages with Search Regex


Then we must manually edit the concerned pages. For us it is pretty easy because each of our pages uses a page identification number.

Replace Password Protect Again

Replacing the link to the enter password page








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